BTS: You Never Walk Alone Era

If I were to categorize myself as an ARMY, I would be that type that appreciates their music more than their looks (Yoongi’s an exception though, jk 😂😂). When I heard the teaser of Spring Day, I eventually decided, without having second thoughts, that it has become my favorite song from Bangtan. I’m not a music enthusiast but the melody of the song captivated me. I was more interested with the song than the MV itself. I lack detective skills as a fan of BTS because I have no patience of watching their videos lots of times just to look for clues, so I let the fandom solve it instead, while I enjoy listening to their music.

Another anthem inspired song from BTS!! #MultipleShotsFired  🔫🔫🔫  This song was more than dope if you ask me. But I want to talk about the MV first… Where’s our Momma Jin Big Hit? Sometimes (?) they forget him, which saddens me. Still we have to support the boys.
No Not Today. Honestly, they should stop considering themselves as underdogs in the Korean industry anymore. They proved that a lot last year where they won multiple Daesangs from various Awarding Ceremonies. Keep soaring Bangtan. Never mind the haters.


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