Drama Review: Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (2016)


Hands down to SBS for making this medical Kdrama happen.

First of all, believe it or not, I’m not that familiar to the main cast. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen Han Sunkyu (Teacher Kim) in a drama. I’ve known Yoo Yeonseok (Kang Dongjoo) since A Werewolf Boy and the drama Gu Family Book,  but I haven’t watched his dramas like Warm and Cozy and Reply 1994. As for Seo Hyunjin (Yoon Seojung), I haven’t watched her drama Another Oh Haeyoung yet (you can punch me for this) so I’m also not familiar in how she acts. PS: Don’t worry about OHY because I’m still on my 2016 Kdrama Marathon.

Maybe it was a good thing that I wasn’t familiar with the lead cast before I watched this drama. It’s always a good thing if you begin watching a Kdrama because of the story line and not because of the cast. I decided to watch this because of the good story, amazing reviews every episode, and of course, the awards they received afterwards proved it. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim didn’t need any mainstream actors to portray its characters because the story itself was enough to keep me on my seat for hours, clicking the next episode every after an episode ends.

Episode 1 made me think that it will be a romance drama all throughout (maybe like Doctors). Anyone could see that the OTP was definite the moment they kissed passionately (yep at the first episode), but after that episode, the romance went out of focus and it wasn’t even a bad thing.

Episode after episode, it was filled with issues and various types of medical crises. As a pre-med graduate, I was knowledgeable about the terms that they were using but because I’m not a nurse, I had no idea about the procedures done and especially what was happening inside the operating room. I don’t know if because it’s in South Korea or what but their hospital seemed that it was able to cater almost all their patients’ needs, despite the fact that it was introduced as a poorly, almost abandoned, primary (or maybe lower) hospital. I’m not talking about the equipment because I’m fully aware that the ancient ones were replaced. If you’re a primary hospital in the Philippines (yes I’m a Filipina), you won’t be able to store blood in your hospital because blood bags, if you’re not in a blood station of center, will be scarce. In the drama, blood bags (even packed RBCs or FFPs were readily available. Those were one of the main points that I have questions (not issues) with. But hey, this is fiction after all. Welcome to Kdrama land.

The way the characters were written in the story was okay. The writers wanted a lead the other characters can worship and they succeeded. All I can say is that Teacher Kim has a very shrewd mind. When we talk about his skills, undoubtedly he deserves all the praise, but when we talk about his attitude towards his colleagues and hoobaes, especially when he lectures/scolds them, I feel upset like Dongjoo. It’s all for the greater good though, and I admit, all his words make sense, but he expresses his way of things shrewdly. As for Kang Dongjoo, if I continued to pursue my dreams in becoming a doctor, maybe I could relate to him the most. He belonged in the middle class where he had to crawl his way to success. He had to put his everything to make things work, but unlike me, he’s very smart. The world wasn’t a better place to his family so in return he became determined to succeed to correct the injustice his own father experienced because of their status in life. Seojung’s character was also a complex one. I hoped the writers gave more emphasis to her mother’s identity and as to why President  Do was “kind enough” to adopt his friend’s daughter and take care of it. I find it very hard to believe that he’s that filial to his friend, I mean, look at how he treated President Yeo when things started to get rough. Plus how or when did she and President Do started to be distant with each other? If you want to prove yourself to someone, you don’t just leave them like that, unless a reason. As for her PTSD, I don’t recall it ever getting cured and I never even realized how she got over her ex-boyfriend’s death so maybe I missed that part.

The minor characters were true to their roles. Teacher Kim’s OR Team was like #SquadGoals in every hospital. They had each other’s backs, and they were very attached to the hospital to the point where they will do whatever it takes to protect it (in real life a workplace is just a workplace ㅋㅋㅋ). 

 The ending was sort of lacking, but it was just acceptable. Teacher Kim cleared his name, but only to his enemy, which is a more bad ass thing to do once you’ve decided to lay low and just be a good doctor. Even though all of the hospital staff knew about the main OTP’s “secret” relationship, I hoped that in the end they got to reveal it themselves. Yang Sejong (Do Inbeom) is a very good looking specimen, but besides that, I was glad that his character didn’t end up like his father even though he always stood up for him.

I’ve been watching dramas for more than a decade, that’s why I dislike clichés that only evolve around the love story or family issues, etc. It’s been fun watching this drama and I hope to see more of the leads soon.



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