DAY6: Third Comeback of the Year

They’re back… again. It’s because of this group that I look forward to the 6th day of every month this year. Ever since they debuted I’ve been wanting them them release more songs (2 mini albums were not enough). Right now I’m glad JYP Entertainment did not disappoint.

DAY6. My ears are always floating with hearts whenever I hear your songs. The MVs you release every month are just bonuses, because I look forward to your new songs more than the MVs. ‘Congratulations’ is an exception. That may have topped my list of favorite MVs so far. I was completely shocked when I saw the bitch (pardon my language) in ‘You Were Beautiful’ last month. You made a sequel to my favorite MV, telling us that the guy is starting to get over her while she is beginning to realize that she loves him still (after your lovely subway train date with your new bf/rebound namja? How ’bout NO?)

This month ‘How Can I Say’ tells us that yep… our guy(s) have finally moved on. That no matter how happy she feels right now, now that she recalls how happy they were and how she wishes they could get back together, our guy wants to call this quits. We recall that it was only the girl who wanted to end their relationship and right now, the guys has finally accepted it, and moved on completely. There’s no turning back girl, unless you want to cling to him and be his pathetic ex girlfriend.

Musically speaking (though I’m not an expert in that field), ‘How Can I Say’ gives us an ‘I Wait’ vibe. Though the lyrics are completely different, both songs gave me an animé opening song feels. 

The song, ‘It Could Have Been’ was a sad one. I haven’t looked up its English translation yet but no doubt it’s a sad song.

It could have been like that of you stayed? Something like that… It makes me think of the nonexistent man in my nonexistent love life. All of us have our own version of heartaches at least.

I was never a fan of bands like FT Island or CNBlue, making this band the only special band in my heart. I love their music, their songs, their vocals, visuals, everything. Sometimes it makes you wonder who the main vocal is (AOTA or maybe Dowoon?) There no doubt I love DAY6, and if you ask me who bias is… *coughs Younghyun.

God. I felt like I betrayed the other four. I feel bad. See you next month boys!


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