Drama Review: The K2 (2016)


I have to say, I had high expectations of this drama before it even started. First, it’s an action drama in tvN (hello Signal), and second, I loved Ji Changwook in his previous dramas like Healer and of course, Empress Ki. The introduction of the story itself was daebak. The K2 stars Kim Jeha (Ji Changwook), who was a mercenary soldier assigned in Iraq. He got framed for killing his fiancée Raniya and because of that he becomes a fugitive. He tries to track down the real killer promising to avenge the death of his lover and find out why she was killed, no matter what cost. Things happened that led him to work under Choi Yoojin (Song Yoona), the two faced wife of Representative Jang Sejoon (Jo Sungha). At first I thought she was the evil queen, but after Episode 2, I knew I found the female heroine of the story.

SORRYNOTSORRY: I only acknowledge  one Yoona in this drama, and it’s not Im Yoona (Go Anna). Song Yoona killed it. Her character seemed to be at par with the lead Kim Jeha. Every scene she’s in keeps me interested. I know you’re supposed to hate the character everytime she’s being ambitious or mean (I loved Seju Mishil btw), but as what I’ve said, ever since Jeha saved Choi Yoojin from that car accident, I never saw her as the bad person anymore. I mean, she had her reasons . She fell in love, and gave up everything she had because of that love, but when she found out that all of it was just a lie, she felt betrayed and the only way she can accept her decisions was to forcibly make them right using the wrong methods. The only thing she was confident enough to call hers was JSS Security Company, and Mirror, the heart and brain of Cloud Nine.

Go Anna on the other hand… *exhales. She’s the perfect example of a female character that I hate the most. I’m not purely hating on Yoona here. I’m not a SONE but I see her as an actress, and I loved her in Love Rain and I loved her more in Prime Minister and I. Go Anna just gives me the chills. It’s like the writer wrote her character for aesthetic purposes only, or to have a girl that will become Jeha’s new love interest. I hate her character because of those reasons. It just showed how useless she is, except the back story where her famous mom got murdered to put his dad (who’s not even a husband material) on a leash. Jang Sejoon became a puppet to Choi Yoojin because of her, because Anna is her father’s only weakness. I’ve watched many kdramas already and what I hate the most is a helpless, useless female lead who’s just a weakness to others, and does nothing but use her charms to make everyone like her and protect her. Sorry. I will try not to hate her that much.

What I loved watching this drama is the chemistry between Ji Changwook and Song Yoona’s characters. Every time they’re on the screen, it makes me think whether Choi Yoojin is/will be Kim Jeha’s newfound love (their ship sailed up until Jeha preferred girls he can protect, and those he can secretly observe how-to-not-make-ramyun in the CCTV). I mean the car accident scene, or the umbrella scene? It was good to know Choi Yoojin cared and loved Jeha in the middle, that no matter how uncooperative he is to her plans, she never doubted him or backstabbed him at all, even when her despicable Secretary never failed to slither some bad comments to her ears. She found consolation in him, she found someone who she can be herself with, someone who was not intimidated by her or to voice out the wrong things she does, which may be the reason why she acknowledged him as Mirror’s co-owner. I kept asking myself… what if Choi Yoojin and Cloud Nine survived, and she became the First Lady. She could be ruling South Korea by now. *cue evil laugh

But this is a kdrama, and writers are determined to let the good in the good vs. evil thing win. I thought Jeha would carry a wounded Yoojin in his arms, head to the elevator, and make sure everyone lives (Yes Secretary Kim is included), but in the end they had to kill her and her husband who is now a changed man. I’m not really sure why Anna was okay on the fact justice was not achieved to her mother, that she was content on that happy ending while her real mom was still viewed as a typical kdrama mistress to the public. If I were her, I would’ve loved sitting on Madam Choi’s chair, thinking of ways how to make those bad people pay (especially Uncle) in a bad-ass Choi Yoojin way *another evil laugh, and most certainly not in an aegyo-I-have-to-look-cute-while-I-press-enter-in-front-of-my-boyfriend-who-almost-died-just-to-obtain-this-memory-card kinda way. Jeez… (here I go again)

Don’t get me wrong, I really did love watching The K2, but like the other Kdramas, you have issues… and it looks like K2 and I are in a love-hate relationship after all.


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