Movie Review: The Annoying Brother (2016)

This movie has a very misleading trailer. I certainly didn’t expect this movie to be a sad one. It started of as a comedy. A conman as a brother, Doshik (Jo Jongseok) bluffs his way out of jail. He uses his younger brother Doyoung‘s (Do Kyungsoo) disability as an excuse which gave him a high percent chance in obtaining a parole.

Jo Jungseok is very good at cursing (almost every sentence he says has one). It’s because of him that I’ve mastered one korean curse word, I won’t say it here though. As an actor, he’s always good in every role he portrays, even as Lee Hwashin on Jealousy Incarnate, which was one of the most shrewd makjang dramas ever. It goes to say how versatile he is, from being a loyal royal guard, a chef/reporter who’s full of himself, or to a troublemaker who does nothing but curse.

Do Kyungsoo (I will not call him DO because he’s an actor right now) indeed has a pitiful character. He clearly portrayed someone who’s life suddenly turns into nothing perfectly. Doyoung is the type of character who lives his remaining days waiting to just die but ultimately finds a new purpose in it as he bonds with his hyung. Kyungsoo is a natural when it comes to acting a sad character. Even up to now, I still couldn’t forget his character in It’s Okay It’s Love… Kangwoo barefooted with a bruised face as he runs away from his abusive father, even when he and  Jang Jaeyeol was running happily on the streets of Seoul in Ep4 (still gives me the chills). Right now, Doyoung is a blind guy whose dreams shattered while he was on the process of achieving them. All he had left is his coach Lee Soohyun (Park Shinhye) and his annoying brother who help him change his life.

Jo Jungseok and Do Kyungsoo look so much alike that they could be siblings in real life. The resemblance was not surprising at all. Whenever they bicker, fight, or hang out in public baths (I loved this scene), it was like I was looking at how real brothers bond. Park Shinhye did well as a supporting actress too. I thought she and Kyungsoo will be a thing in the movie at something, but it only focused her as one of the characters that Doyoung can lean on. They could be a thing on day, someday, but nope… this is not a romance movie. I’m glad they focused on the siblings in this story (Duh, the title) and did not include any unnecessary sweet scenes because you don’t need to see that kind of love all the time in movies. The bromance itself was enough to make us laugh and cry at the same time.

It started as a comedy, but in the end it brought us tears. Cancer is like the cliché of all clichés in terms of disasters in kdramas or movies (runner up: Amnesia), but even though we say that we are tired  of these story line/plot twists, we are still caught off guard and end up crying river of tears. But before Doshik’s time reaches its limit, he made sure Doyoung got back to his feet, and continues to reach for his dream, and his hyung’s, which was for him to live happily in behalf of his family. ㅠㅠ

PS: When Doyoung finally said “Hyung”, that was my cue to cry ㅠㅠ 


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