A love story unappreciated


I’ve watched this drama months ago and the reason why I’ve decided to write my opinion about this drama now is because most people I know that watched this one didn’t appreciate it at all. I know there were boring parts at first, and yes maybe they disliked it because it had Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun as its main lead and they already expect the story line to be as boring as ‘The Heirs‘ and as less interesting as ‘My Love From the Stars‘.

I admit the Spain part was totally unnecessary, that I couldn’t wait for them to just go back to Seoul and continue their story there instead. Yes the first meeting was vital for the love birds, but the amnesia part made it totally useless, again. But the first meeting never really happened in Spain, instead it has occurred hundred years ago already, during the Joseon times, and that’s what made me love this drama.


I decided to watch this drama because of the cast, but stayed because of the story. The beginning of the love story of Damryeong and Sehwa was a thousand times better than Heo Joonjae and Sim Cheong‘s. But all the sick plot and plot twists happened in modern day Seoul, and because the past lives of our OTP ended tragically, they had to continue and change their fate in the future.

It was amazing how everything that was happening in the future was connected to the past. The connection between Damryeong and Heo Joonjae was similar to Detective Lee Jaehan and Park Haeyoung in ‘Signal‘ (sans the walkie talkie). I’ve always wanted Lee Minho to go back to another meaningful rom-com after ‘Personal Taste‘, and we all know Jun Jihyun can ace a crazy, lunatic, ignorant heroine perfectly already, the super powers upgraded the role I guess. We found another amazing sidekicks namely Taeoh (Shin Wonho), which is a good combination of both a cute and handsome boy, and of course Jo Namdoo (Lee Heejoon), the conman who we thought was a good guy, then a bad guy, and then a total angel in the end. The dark horse in this story was Heo Chihyun (Lee Jihoon). His character gave a total 360 degrees evolution from his first appearance to the last. He developed a good friendship with Sim Cheong, which gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, he will be a good guy in the end. I was wrong. He had bad genes to begin with.

The other minor characters portrayed their roles well too. It was hard for me to watch the lovable dad from Reply series Sung Dongil turn into a pscychopath. Chihyun’s mother is also another character that is dark from the core. Good thing we had some Mo Yooran (Na Younghee), Cha Siah (Shin Hyesun) and Ahn Jinjoo (Moon Sori) bickering scenes, which gives me laughter all the time.


The ending was satisfying. It gave us the perfect closure that we did not achieve after the finale episode of ‘My Love From the Stars’. Sim Cheong remained a mermaid, but because of the past life of her little girlfriend Yoona, she realized that she and Heo Joonjae can have the happy ending they never had before. I wish there were scenes where Heo Joonjae was hanging out (or swimming) with the mermaid Sim Cheong at the sea or something. He never got to converse or interact properly with Sim Cheong when she was in her mermaid form. That would have been nice.

After watching the drama, I still don’t know why many people dislike it, maybe because they didn’t give this drama a chance to unfold the greater story in it. I’ve been watching Kdramas for 15+ years and I can say the theme may not be unique but the story line is. I try to not care about how other people criticize this drama just because a popular actor like Lee Minho and a popular actress like Jun Jihyun are the leads. They both did a good job and their characters did justice to the story line. I just hope there will come a time where people will stop judging kdramas based on the leads in it. Yes it’s true that most people, especially international kdrama fans, refer to the casts first before watching the drama but you don’t have to use the same basis to criticize. Enjoy if you can and if not, you can hate it but after you appreciate everything in it.


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