WINNER: Fate Number For


After a year and two months, WINNER is finally back! I know Inner Circles can never get over the sudden ending of their EXIT project last year but at least this comeback helped us heal, a lot. I have been waiting for this comeback since last year, and I’ve never been this thirsty for a KPOP group before (WINNER is my ultimate bias, that’s why).

BABY BABY, SENTIMENTAL, and IMMATURE, along with PRICKED and I’M YOUNG were blessings to us last year. Half Moon Friends was the long awaited variety show we wanted WINNER to have. They appeared in various shows and did many projects that time. I thought finally WINNER can get to show what they have on their sleeves, the talents and charms that others did not get to see after their debut. I thought it was finally going smooth for them. They were finally climbing their way to the top, but suddenly they went downhill. My thoughts scattered and I felt panic for the remaining four members. Jinwoo trained for so long just to debut under YG. Seungyoon chose to train more under YG rather than to go solo. Seunghoon always wanted to debut in YG (he’s inspired everytime he sees the view of his rooftop apartment). Mino went so much pain already, and what will happen to him if ever this group will also disband?


Last year was definitely a heartbreaking one for us PARKINSEOs. We hopefully waited for EXIT:X,I, and T, then all hopes failed when Taehyun left the group (2016/11/24: BLACK CIRCLE DAY). I cried a lot, no joke. I’ve been a YG stan from the beginning and out of all the groups inside that dungeon-like company, WINNER had a special place in my kokoro. In the beginning, they were just my precious Team A, fighting their way to debut, and when they did they surely slayed. But they got locked up after all the awards and little promotions, maybe to give way to iKON which I don’t disagree. They got locked up for too long though, stars are supposed to shine brighter in dark places. INCLEs never forgot them during their hiatus, and continued supporting them even though they were inactive.

All those uncertainties and fear disappeared when YG and WINNER never gave up on each other. I don’t want WINNER to end up like 2NE1. That group was almost at par with their sunbae group BIGBANG, but the harshness of the KPOP community prevented them to do so. WINNER struggled and endured and now they’re ready to get back on their feet.

GUESS WHO’S BACK? It still feels so surreal now that they’ve returned. Taehyun has always been a good main vocal and a composer for the group, and I surely missed the KangNam chorus parts in their songs. Surprisingly, I did not feel any emptiness at all when I listened to their new songs REALLY REALLY and FOOL. As expected from the ever talented genius leader (and now maknae) Kang Seungyoon. The title tracks were jjang. It made me want more. Of course my greed will never be sated when it comes to WINNER songs, and now it seems like YG is making me even more desperate by releasing a mini album containing just the two songs. YG: I hate you and your love for releasing only 2 songs per album.

“Get lost from my sight.”
Those cruel words I spat out without hesitation
Anyone can see I was a fool
Even if I’m sorry now nothing changes
I know

The video for FOOL was on point. The song was on point. It was a sad love song, one that’s full of regrets. My subconscious tells me that it can be correlated to Taehyun’s departure, and that Seungyoon is still hurt about it (lol fanfic mode?). One of their main vocals left and now all of them are the main vocals. Mino and Seunghoon sang and it was the most beautiful moment for me, oh and also Jinwoo’s improved vocals and Seungyoon’s already perfect voice. I love them ALL okay?

REALLY REALLY sounded less than a ballad than FOOL, this one was the lighter side of love. The redundancy of the title reminded me of BABY BABY but the music did not. I know this may seem stupid but I honestly felt that all the songs they released right now didn’t make me feel empty at all. It was like Nam Taehyun never left, which I think is not a bad thing. The songs were perfect even though it lacked Taehyun’s voice. Jinwoo and Seungyoon totally up-ed their game. Their vocals are exactly what we only needed to hear this time. I wanted to hear the Dumb and Dumber duo rap more though. Maybe in the future. if YG allows it, they get to release a song together (fingers crossed). Now, I think I need to emphasize my opinion about the music video. In terms of production, music and video quality, WINNER never disappointed me. I could still recall almost all of the scenes in all of their music videos because aesthetically they were all great. This, however, made me raise one of my eyebrows. I thought it would be a hundred times better than the different ones because the director was famous (IDK him though). Some scenes (bouncing cars ehem ehem) were weird and not necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I love the song, but the MV was just meh.

I will always want more from WINNER, and I’m not referring to improve their already perfect talents, but instead their songs. I want to listen more, I want to see them more, and above all, I want everyone to appreciate WINNER more because they truly deserve it. WINNER already proved to be a monster rookie back on their debut days, and now I just can’t wait for them to slay like other boy groups. WINNER hwaiting 💙💙💙💙




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