An Amateur writer’s thoughts


If you haven’t noticed the ASIANFANFICS word just above my webpage yet, then I would like to share to you all that I write stories based on my favorite OTPs. I consider ‘First Love‘ as my first work even though I already finished making a one-shot (though it’s not entirely a one chapter) based on the tragic ending of one of my favorite sageuk kdramas up to now, ‘Empress Ki’. First Love’ is my first work because it’s the first one that I’ve spent time working hard coming up on an original story line, researching about something as the background of the plot and spent a huge time writing and rewriting one chapter at a time.

I started writing this two years ago, back when I was still a college student who delayed my graduation by another year. I had so much time that I watched so many dramas in a span of two months. Also, ever since I was a high school student I have wanted to pursue my ambition in writing stories even though I wasn’t confident enough to write one. After watching ‘Pinocchio’ and after falling in love with the chemistry of Lee Jongsuk and Park Shinhye,  it sparked another idea inside my brain. I quickly came up with a theme and a little summary of my fanfic and then I spent my little free time writing a chapter. As the story progressed I got more confused on how I should write the climax that I have imagined inside my head, and right now my dilemma is that how can I convey to the readers (who I call my chingus) the ending that I decided on.

I admit I don’t want to finalize the finale chapter yet. There has been so many delays that happened these past two years, a lot of negligence, and a lot of mistakes. I want this to end so that my chingus will no suffer any longer and so that I can finally close the story book I created. I am satisfied with the ending that I chose and I hope the readers will too.

I’m still a rookie when it comes to writing fanfics and I can’t wait to share to the people my next project which will be released this year. I hope I won’t be too lazy by then. As of ‘First Love’, I’m positive sure that I will finish it before the first half of this year ends.

Chingus. If you read this then I would like to say sorry, again. I’ve been too lazy and non-committing lately that I couldn’t finish everything for you. When I say soon, I know you think that I don’t mean it (I’m such a bad person), but I promise you that everything will be over before the first half of the year ends. You have stuck with me for so long, maybe because you love my story so much and you’re already used to waiting that’s why you don’t mind anymore. I will finish this soon, so I hope that before then, you won’t forget the love story of Lee Suho and Seo Jaehee.


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