DAY6: Fourth Comeback of the Year


These boys keep coming back, and I ain’t complaining. They’re on a roll again for the fourth time this year with tracks ‘I’m Serious‘ and ‘Say Wow

I loved the MV so much. They looked like they had so much fun which is feels kinda ironic to the title. Plus most of their title tracks before this one were sad ones so I’m not used to seeing them sing a song about falling in love (while all of them looked cheerful). Through this MV, we saw a new side of DAY6, the one that’s already ovet the heartbreaks and stuff. I’m still waiting for the continuation of the ‘Congratulations’ story line. No worries though, they still have tons of comebacks to insert it in. God I love this year.

I just finished watching their live performance in Music Core, and oh boy, our poor Wonpil. I hope his back did not ache after that performance. At least YoungK was there to give him courage by laughing. I feel both happy and sad (the performance was still perfect at least).

I was about to go to you but I didn’t
I was about to hug you but I didn’t
At this rate, the night’s gonna be over

It’s obvious that the theme of this comeback is falling in love. I think I need to get used to these. It’s nice to see them happy in their MVs once in a while. Until next time DAY6!

PS: I forgot to update this entry instead I saved is as a draft. Crazy.


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